Dialogue with Spinner-Halev

In When the State Speaks, I argue that groups that enjoy First Amendment rights to discriminate in their membership should still receive a critical response from government. The government has an obligation to express its own core message that all citizens — regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender — are entitled to full participation in society. Specifically, I argue that government should express the principle that all people are free and equal by refusing to grant publicly funded tax exemptions to discriminatory groups, including the Boy Scouts of America. On my new website, I have posted a published debate with the prominent political theorist Jeff Spinner-Halev about this proposal. You can read it here.

Thanks to Jeff for excellent commentary. The new site also has other debates about my work with other terrific scholars, including Tom Christiano, Melissa Schwartzberg, Alon Harel, Annie Stilz, Simon Cabulea May, James Lindley Wilson, Loren King, Alex Zakaras and Frank Lovett

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